Geo Achievement

The Geo-Achivement® series was developed as award items for the hard work involved with locating and hiding geocaches. These accomplishments do not come lightly as finding caches can be very difficult, especially when trying to find them in our spare time. Hiding geocaches requires monitoring and maintenance to keep them in good condition. That is why numbers do matter when it comes to how much time and work are involved to enjoy geocaching as a hobby and making it fun for others too.

Geo-Achievements are the perfect way to award your friends and family for their accomplishments. As gifts, they come as highly esteemed items and accepted with much appreciation. Giving these away as gifts shows the great amount of thought you put into the most appropriate gift.

Geo-Achievement is a registered trademark of Aaron Charles Promotions LLC, all rights reserved. The GX Compass Globe logo used with the geo-achievement products are copyrighted 2011 by Aaron Charles Promotions LLC.

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